We express our sincere gratitude to all of the people and professionals who took part in fulfilling this project.


Before choosing the next project for fulfillment and starting to form goals and objectives, the team of our company posed a question: where can we as a company be most helpful to humanity? Certainly, in the Creative Society project, but what precisely?

We have come to an understanding that the most difficult stage of building a Creative Society is the transition from the consumer format to the creative one because of human frailty and great temptations. When states wishing to move to the standards of the Creative Society begin to reorganize in all spheres of life and, first and foremost, in the economy. It is clear that the states, transitioning from the consumer format to the creative one, will still be dependent on market relations for some time. Including the relations with the states which have not joined the Creative Society and which still remain in the consumer paradigm.

It is during this time that humanity will inevitably encounter the rudiments of consumer society: embezzlement, corruption, a struggle for power, theft, and other human frailties. We must be aware of this and be prepared to confront it effectively. This is where the help of the XP NRG is needed.

We have set a goal to create a tool that would help the states that have adopted the Creative Society to quickly and smoothly adapt to the new format and overcome all the difficulties caused by the human factor. To show high rates of growth of national economies and the wealth of people within countries, to become a worthy example to be followed by the rest of the world. To date, we believe that the XP NRG team has perfectly fulfilled its goal.

All the unique technology and possibilities XP NRG possesses were involved in developing and creating our new product. This is the third XP NRG product. It is the simplest in complexity and the smallest in importance compared to the previous two developments. Nevertheless, this is the first product we can make available to the public. Frankly speaking, we got excited about the implementation of the task and created a tool with almost unlimited possibilities, which has become way ahead of its time.

We present to your attention The Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex.
("Voskhod" means "sunrise" in Russian)

The Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex is a global aggregator of all existing digital data and a single data processing center for both individual states and the commonwealth of states. The Complex is built based on hybrid artificial intelligence and is a high-tech cloud solution based on microservice architecture.

We didn't choose the name by chance. It is associated with the sunrise. When the sun rises over the horizon, its rays of light illuminate the darkness and shadows that inhabit it disappear, thus revealing reality. As the sun rises, life comes alive. The Sunrise, which provoked the Exodus, leads to Order. The Sunrise brings Life and Hope.

The Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex is created to solve a range of problems and objectives, both existing and those that humanity is yet to face in the future.

Working with data

Data determines the standard of living and security of human beings, society, and the state in our digital age. And primarily, the ability to handle it. After all, it is not enough just to gather data; it should also be properly managed. It also directly affects the level of management efficiency of society, states, and companies. Data is crucial, and the productivity of its application determines the result.

According to Statista statistics, the total amount of data created, collected, copied, and consumed globally reached 64.2 zettabytes (a zettabyte is 1021 bytes) in 2020. This number will grow rapidly in the future. It is forecasted that by 2025, the amount of global data created will grow to more than 180 zettabytes. What to do with such a vast amount of data, which is undoubtedly an invaluable asset of humanity? Are we able to make the best use of the potential hidden in them?

Data literacy and data analysis

The analytical company Qlink has conducted a number of studies in the field of people data literacy. The results were staggering. It turned out that only 32% of top managers are able to use data confidently. The number is obviously inflated, as only 27% reported that their data and analytics projects had produced visible results. But the reality is that we have to be guided by the number 24% because that's how many managers at the executive level feel confident working with data. That is, more than 3/4 of people whose decisions determine the development strategy of states and companies and should be based on data, do not know how to work with this data. Unfortunately, we can't rely on young people either, as studies have shown that only 21% of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 know how to handle data.

That is, the level of data literacy is extremely low now. People are simply drowning in the amount of data, failing to keep up the pace of technological development. This, in turn, slows down the pace of development of science, technology, implementation of new technologies, innovative ideas, and, as a result, civilization itself.

74% of study participants admitted to feeling unhappy when they have to work with data. However, 36% of respondents would prefer to look for alternative solutions if they had to deal with data. And 14% admitted that they would simply ignore such a management task. And this, in turn, is nothing more than outright sabotage!

Where does it lead to? We can demonstrate in numbers. For example, the U.S. economy alone loses over $100 billion annually because of people's lack of data handling skills. And that is just the direct losses. And suppose you consider the billions of dollars invested annually at the state level and at the level of private companies in analytical projects, software, new technologies in the field of data processing, which do not give any visible results. In that case, it becomes clear that we are talking about the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars. Often employees of agencies and companies, unwilling to understand new technologies, outright sabotage their implementation and go back to "the same old counting frames."

Meanwhile, Fortune Business Insights tells us in a report called "The Big Data Analytics Market, 2021-2028" that the global big data analytics market was worth $231.43 billion in 2021 and will grow to $549.73 billion by 2028, showing a compound annual growth rate of 13.2%. How much of this money will benefit rather than be stolen and wasted?

This raises reasonable questions: Will humanity manage to use the data treasure it possesses to its advantage? Can we put data at the service of civilization?

There is a global problem whose solution will determine the future of humanity. And this is one of the objectives that the XP NRG team set for itself in developing the Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex.

Democratization of information and its prospects in the Creative Society.

The use of Voskhod MPC in the Creative Society will ensure the democratization of information: openness, transparency, and accessibility of data at any level. This is a natural necessity and implementation of the Fourth Basis of the Creative Society: Transparency and openness of information for all.

The complete democratization of information maximizes the potential of each individual and of humanity as a whole.

It is to maximize the benefits of each member of society through the development of their talents, abilities, and predispositions. Speaking from the perspective of economics, this refers to every employee of any company, organization, or agency, regardless of their form of ownership. An honest and decent person has nothing to conceal. If he is well-mannered, he will not be excessively curious about the lives of others, thus being respectful.

In terms of information technology, the entire world is a digit. Every person is a digit. Every tangible object ( a building, a car, etc.) is a digit. Every intangible object (e.g., copyright and related rights) is also a digit. Economics and finance are, first and foremost, a world of digits and vast amounts of data.

Finance is the driving force of the modern world. It is finance that drives all economic and geopolitical events of our time. Money plays a key role in our consumer world. Money is the equivalent of energy. It is a tool. It can be used to build cities and develop their infrastructure. Money can be used to develop science, medicine, education, arts, and other areas of human activity and implement innovative breakthrough technologies that will improve the conditions of our existence in this world.

Thoughtful and well-planned distribution of finances can eliminate world hunger, poverty, social injustice, and other problems of modern society. All this is certainly possible, but only in a Creative Society. And while consumption dominates people's minds, money most often becomes a temptation that causes vices in some people and pushes them to take rash, high-risk steps. It often forces people to risk not only their own lives, but also the lives and destinies of entire nations.


The Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex includes many systems and subsystems, each of them is designed to solve a specific range of tasks.

In particular, the Complex includes a total financial monitoring system that performs the following tasks:

1. Global anti-corruption monitoring at all levels of both the single state and the commonwealth of states;

2. Constant monitoring of all economic entities;

3. Conducting a fundamental analysis of macro and microeconomic indicators of all legal entities and sectors of the economy;

4. Detailed comparative analysis of economic indicators of individual companies, economic sectors, states, and commonwealths of states;

5. Global valuation and dynamic creation of effective financial models, including anti-crisis ones;

6. Short-term, medium-term and long-term high accuracy forecasting.


Despite the fact that Voskhod MPC was created for the transition period from a consumerist to a creative format of society, it can be effectively used at the level of the state or the commonwealth of states and in the consumer society. Of course, in the consumer format, the democratization of information is out of the question, as it would make the state vulnerable. In this regard, the use of Voskhod MPC at the state level should take place behind closed doors, with direct subordination to the Head of the State.

When deployed, Voskhod MPC is integrated into all digital systems of the state and has complete oversight of the entire financial system. This ensures the transparency of the use of funds at all levels, allows the control of all financial flows, and operates with accurate data regarding both public and private capital.

Voskhod MPC identifies and monitors any illegal schemes of money trafficking, including their uncontrolled withdrawal abroad. It identifies the entire circle of people involved in illegal schemes. It also helps to detect weaknesses in the legislation, management, and control system.

Voskhod MPC solves the problems of almost all controlling services and departments much more effectively while carrying out covert oversight for corruption and misuse of budgetary funds.

For example, in the United States, the intelligence community contains 16 special services. According to experts, the total number of their employees is about a million people. And the entire annual budget is about 100 billion U.S. dollars. All of these services are engaged in analytics and data work, among other things. Voskhod MPC is able to optimize the work of these services significantly. Reduce costs many times, free hundreds of thousands of people from routine tasks, and save tens of billions of taxpayers' dollars. At the same time, the Complex will be more efficient and demonstrate higher levels of performance than people. This will significantly minimize the workload of the services themselves and increase their efficiency many times over. Because a COMPLEX, unlike humans, does not get sick, does not steal, does not have depression, it is not subject to temptations, emotions, doubts, and it is not concerned about itself and its future. It works with data and relies exclusively on real numbers and facts.

In a consumer society, the weakest link at any level is the human being. The entourage of the Head of any state is not an exception. Sometimes even his inner circle includes people who play a double game with opposition forces and rival countries. The Voskhod MPC is proactive. It allows timely identification of such people and helps them avoid making mistakes.

If, for example, in Kazakhstan, the Voskhod MPC had become operational at least in October 2021, the tragic events of early 2022 simply would not have happened. There would have been no deaths, violence, looting, robbery, and destruction. People would not have had to experience such powerful stress. The Complex would have established the fact of the impending event, identified the entire circle of those interested and involved, and warned in advance of the impending coup attempt.

After all, behind all the interests of individuals and organized groups, there are always finances. And finances are, first of all, numbers. And the numbers are the homeworld of Voskhod MPC. Complex sees every coin's movement and opens up everything that is now a hidden secret. And it doesn't matter whether it's cash or bank transfers.

The Voskhod MPC provides an opportunity to monitor the situation in the state economy in real-time, displaying it in convenient graphs and tables with the most accurate figures. With precise information from the primary source, the First person can always be sure of the loyalty and reliability of his team. It is enough during the report of another official to compare the submitted reports on the state of this or that branch of the economy, industry, ministry, agency, public or private company with the real data provided by Voskhod MPC. It will immediately become clear who the speaker is, in fact: embezzler, traitor, incompetent manager, or a conscientious employee and a talented manager at his position.

An example: China. Let's imagine that the Voskhod MPC is in service with China. Already today, it would have saved many human lives. This relates to the fact that China has a very high level of corruption and embezzlement. According to official data alone, the annual amount of corruption is about 100 billion U.S. dollars. This explains the excessive strictness of measures against this scourge of the consumer society. According to Article 383 of the Criminal Code of the People's Republic of China, corruption of more than 100,000 yuan (approximately $15,800) carries capital punishment to death. At the same time, the number of officials arrested on corruption charges in China grows inexorably every year. Of course, not all of them are subjected to capital punishment.

Nevertheless, the life of every person is valuable. Moreover, most of the former officials condemned to death are talented people and outstanding managers. The state invested a lot of money in their education and training. It is true; they made a mistake. But we have to understand that humans are frail by nature, and power is a very serious temptation that only a few people can withstand. Therefore, the Voskhod MPC deployed in China would have created conditions in which corruption and embezzlement would have simply ceased to exist already today.

Here the tandem of the Voskhod MPC would have played a role, as it records all corrupt actions of officials, regardless of their position level, with the criminal code of the PRC, which ensures the inevitability and severity of punishment. This would preserve the lives and freedom of the most talented people, which would have an extremely positive effect on the country's economy.

If we are to put into figures the benefits of a single state from the deployment and implementation of the Voskhod MPC, only on the optimization of budgets, personnel, restructuring of government services, the United States can save up to 2.5 trillion dollars of the budget funds annually. You have to agree that this is more than an impressive amount.

An example: SEC. In the process of developing Voskhod MPC, we thoroughly studied the experience of various international companies and institutions. So we became interested in applying the capabilities of Voskhod MPC in the work of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This U.S. government agency oversees annual securities trading on the U.S. stock markets worth about 100 trillion dollars and more than 28,000 registered organizations. The SEC also oversees 24 national securities exchanges, nine credit rating agencies, and seven clearing agencies, as well as the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Municipal Securities Regulatory Board (MSRB), the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Furthermore, the SEC is responsible for reviewing the disclosures and financial statements of more than 7,400 companies, more than half of which are listed companies. The organization has a staff of about 4,700 and a budget of just over $2 billion for 2022.

With the implementation of Voskhod MPC in the structure of the SEC, one could optimize the algorithms of the Commission, the number of employees, to increase many times the accuracy and speed of data processing and decision-making, as well as economic forecasts and results. The Commission would be many times faster and more efficient in solving all tasks, and the organization's efficiency would be many times higher than the current indicators.


In economics, the Voskhod MPC makes the basing state practically out of reach of other states. The Complex is capable of optimizing costs, bringing in huge profits by building accurate forecasts and financial models. It is also capable of significantly improving the economy and the well-being of the people. It will increase the level of trust for the government and strengthen the authority of the First person. The Complex also provides an unprecedented set of tools for error-free coordination, development, and planning of the state's economy, each individual industry, each holding, or company.

Voskhod MPC was tested on the world's leading states and companies using open data. During the testing process, Complex showed that the volume of corruption in the modern world is on average 10% to 25% of the size of a state's annual budget. While conducting a study of the agricultural industry of one of the leading states, the Voskhod MPC has demonstrated the dynamics of growth of the level of embezzlement for several years. Thus, in 2020, it was 18.4% in this industry, and already in 2021 - 19.7%.

Having the initial data on all the spheres of state life, Voskhod MPC predicts with maximum accuracy any fluctuations in the economy, both in individual sectors and in the state as a whole. This enables reallocating budgetary funds between industries and companies with maximum efficiency, mitigating, reducing to zero, the negative effects of the crisis phenomena in the world economy, and using forecasts with maximum profit. It allows one to determine unmistakably which sector of the economy should be supported, which companies should be merged, nationalized, or held back in development. Also, Voskhod MPC assesses the real value of individual companies by calculating their liquidity. It determines absolutely precisely the comparative advantages and prospects of states, national economies, individual industries, and companies.

Additional support of functionality. There are methodologies for working with thirty-one sectors of the economy implemented in the Voskhod MPC. The XP NRG team, understanding perfectly how dynamic the modern world is, has created Voskhod MPC with the possibility of its unlimited development and improvement in case it is required. Suppose a new sector or industry of the economy appears. In that case, the functionality of the Complex can be expanded in a very short time.

Here we can give many examples. This includes the beginnings of space tourism, which will undoubtedly become a new leisure industry in time. As well as planned flights to neighboring planets. We suggest focusing on an industry that is about to burst into our lives and become an everyday occurrence. And humanity has to be ready for it. This refers to the industrial development of asteroids, or in other words, the extraction of raw materials on the asteroids and space bodies.

On the one hand, extraction of rare-earth elements and precious metals in near-Earth space can bring enormous profits and solve the problem of mineral shortages.

For example, a single M-class asteroid with a diameter of 1 km could contain up to 2 billion tons of iron-nickel ore. For comparison, in 2021, the global production of enriched iron ore was about 2.6 billion tons. On the other hand, an oversupply and low cost of one or another fossil will unambiguously affect the entire global economy.

We focused on this example because this industry is already in its starting position. It will form an entire industry: production and delivery of robotics, special equipment, power supplies, rocket launchers, service, and technical personnel. New professions will appear, and so on. Only the question of legal regulation remains unresolved. And given the super-profits this direction promises, we see that the issue will be resolved in the near foreseeable future.


Despite all the advantages and purely creative direction of the Voskhod MPC, we are well aware that the Complex can be used to establish and strengthen an authoritarian power, with subsequent usurpation in one person's hands. But this depends solely on the First person and his entourage.

The number of employees included in the closed department, which will use, maintain, and develop the Voskhod MPC, may vary depending on the wishes of the First person and the tasks to be assigned to the Complex. According to our calculations, for this department to be the most effective and the employees not to be overloaded with work for such a state as China, for example, twelve employees would be enough: three IT specialists and nine financial analysts, plus the head of this classified department.

The Complex is flawless. It is designed to be invulnerable to hacking. It is equipped with an internal audit and control system to identify unreliable employees who have access to it. The only vulnerable link when working with the Voskhod MPC in a consumer society are two people: the First person, who decided to deploy the Complex in the state, and the head of the classified department, who will operate and manage the Voskhod MPC. He will not be able to put false data inside the Complex deliberately. This is impossible. But it is he who will provide reports to the First person.

We also understand that even if interested in all Voskhod MPC's benefits to any state in the consumer society, it is unlikely that any of today's First persons will decide to deploy Voskhod MPC under their command. Because in every state, apart from the First persons, who might want to improve the economy, making it significantly healthier, make the country prosperous and investment-attractive, who wish to strengthen their role as international and national leaders, who want, after all, to improve the living conditions of their citizens, there will always be second persons, fifth persons, twentieth persons. And overcoming their fierce resistance will not be easy. Their reaction to the very fact of the existence of Voskhod MPC was accurately expressed by one of our consultants, a high-ranking representative of a very large and respected international bank: "The Complex is great, but if I find out that the owners of our bank are interested in buying it, I will do everything I can to make sure that never happens! It would be better if you created a system which is able to steal money and hide it without trace. Then your invention would be priceless, and you would have no shortage of customers at all”. And that says it all. Those who are used to parasitizing the body of the state will never allow the Voskhod MPC to be deployed in their country.


In the field of business, Voskhod MPC can most effectively develop its potential in a major international bank. The use of the Complex opens the widest possibilities and new horizons for the bank.

Challenges in the banking sector. While working on the Complex, we studied the work of financial institutions, communicated with numerous specialists and consultants of the highest level. And we were astonished at how things really were in the financial sector in terms of data literacy and working with data. At one point, we actually felt sorry for these talented people.

It appeared that the banking sector, like no other, suffers from a low level of data literacy of employees. Management desperately tries to do everything possible to use data efficiently but faces new challenges. Attempts to keep up with the times face the reluctance of employees to learn how to work with software that is obviously complicated and requires hours of training. They are often forced to go back to working in Excel. Some banks try to hire IT companies to develop software for their own needs. IT specialists start surveying bank employees, listen to their expectations and requirements for the software, and by the 5th or 6th employee, they realize that they are all describing Excel over and over again. This is great software, and, in fact, only a few know all of its rich functionality and possibilities. But we are already living in the third decade of the 21st century, and technology has long stepped forward. Unfortunately, people are always distrustful and fearful of everything new.

The solution. That's why, when we created the Voskhod MPC, we made it as user-friendly as possible, intuitive, multifunctional, requiring minimal human involvement, with a fairly low threshold of an operator's entry. That is, any financial analyst with user-level computer skills can easily and quickly master the Complex toolset.

We have even created a mini-copy of the Complex in Excel document format as a training model for especially devoted Excel fans. It has a familiar look, clear structure, familiar toolkit and is designed to familiarize users with the principles of operation and capabilities of the Voskhod MPC, if they are ever lucky enough to work with the Complex, of course.

Perspectives and opportunities. The Voskhod MPC can open up entirely new horizons of development for an international bank, contributing to its evolutionary growth. The rich functionality of the Complex enables the international bank to become unattainable for its competitors and take a leading place in the financial world.

Voskhod MPC opens up the possibility for the bank to work without engaging external audit and consulting companies, but on the contrary, to independently provide corresponding services to its clients. This allows you to significantly optimize the bank's costs and increase profitability. This allows the bank to offer its clients such services with the help of the Complex:

- сonducting fundamental analysis of the activity and financial condition of public and private companies and entire industries;

- сonducting a detailed comparative analysis of client companies with their closest competitors or the entire industry in which they operate;

- providing unique accurate short-, medium-, and long-term forecasts as to the development of individual companies, industries, as well as countries as a whole;

- Evaluating the risks of future transactions, management decisions, and the development prospects of companies, industries, and states' economies;

- insurance of transactions and their full monitoring.

The Bank can provide a whole range of services to both private and state companies, investment funds, and other banks.

In this way, the bank becomes a reliable partner for all its clients, not only in lending but also in sustainable development, cost optimization, and business management as a whole.

The international bank can provide the whole range of possibilities of Voskhod MPC as services at the state level to the State First Person.

Conducting constant independent monitoring of the state economy using Voskhod MPC, the bank can provide not only the most complete and up-to-date information on the state of the economy, all individual industries and companies, based on actual figures, but also help effectively counteract corruption at all levels of government, promote economic security, as well as bring the economy out of the "shadow."

Using the Voskhod MPC, the bank can help to carry out independent oversight of the use of budget funds to counteract their embezzlement and misuse. It will also help to identify weaknesses in the legislation and the management system.

The bank using Complex can help the First person to identify traitors and embezzlers, primarily in his inner circle. And also to form a team of responsible, honest, high-class specialists who are loyal to the interests of the state and are not vulnerable to temptation. This will strengthen national security, increase the level of confidence in the authorities, increase the ratings of the First person, lead to economic stabilization, increase the investment attractiveness of the state, and ensure the stability of the national economy in the face of crises.

At the same time, the BANK acts only as a consultative organization, acting in the First person's interests and the country's economic interests. Just by following BANK's recommendations, the state gets the most severe prospects of economic development and growth.

Conducting constant monitoring of the economy using Voskhod MPC, the Bank receives objective information about turnover, market demands, state resources, and potential. The received data will make the bank a reliable partner of the state in the development and stimulation of the national economy, a reliable link and coordinator in building close mutually beneficial relationships between the state and business, including international ones.

Voskhod MPC allows making short-, medium- and long-term forecasts of the development of individual companies, groups of companies, and sectors of the economy with unprecedented accuracy. The accuracy of short- and medium-term forecasts is up to 90%, and the accuracy of long-term forecasts is over 70%.

Based on the figures in the Complex forecasts, it is possible to plan the development of the economy practically without risk. To see the most promising directions and to enable the state and business to occupy new niches.

BANK can direct business to the most economically promising areas, plan the provision of services, production, and sales of goods, including lending at favorable rates to specific sectors of the economy. Thus, the BANK not only stimulates the economic growth of the state and the creation of new jobs but also stabilizes the country's economy. At the same time, the credit funds are used for the development of the economy. As a result, the solvency of the population, turnover of goods, quantity, and quality of services are increased, and the welfare of the state is increased.

The Complex allows the bank to expand the range of its services. The bank becomes a reliable partner for all its clients, not only in lending, but also in stable business development. Audit of companies and states, risk valuation of future transactions, protection against misuse of credit funds, recommendations and early warning of the wrong steps in the development of companies and entire sectors of the economy, the implementation of control of budgetary funds in the interest of the state, the bank itself is interested in all this. Because the more successful and satisfied customers, the bank has, the higher its profits and authority. Also, the bank is interested that in the state it serves, there was no corruption, state budgets were not stolen, and there was a strong and stable economy, which could withstand any crisis phenomena and processes.

By providing services of the Complex to several states, an international bank can become a coordinator of the interaction of states among themselves, a state with business, and business to business, as well as coordinate the planning of the states' economies. Thus helping all market participants reach their full potential.

The development of the country, expansion of markets, stabilization of the economy, elimination of corruption, increase in the welfare of citizens, high level of trust of the citizens in the government make the state attractive to international investors. Furthermore, an international bank, thanks to the Complex, will be able to select, on a competitive basis, the most responsible investors, primarily from among its clients.

By providing this service to the First persons of several countries, the BANK will be able to fully develop and use the potential of the Voskhod MPC. By coordinating the economies of already several countries and linking them with business, including international business from among its clients, the BANK can form a so-called island of economic stability.

Thus, an association of states is formed on mutually beneficial terms, aiming at economic development and prosperity without the involvement of politics. The unification is based on much more important principles - the principles of pragmatic economy, creation, and peace. The international bank becomes the center of unification and the coordinating nucleus, regulating the economies and relations of these countries.

Based on such economic association of states, a unified financial ecosystem is formed. The International Bank plans the economy of the countries included in the island of stability, taking into account their economic interests and opportunities.

Based on the capabilities of the Voskhod MPC, the International Bank is able to create many similar islands of stability around the world. BANK coordinates their interaction and directs the vector of development in the direction of creation, unity, and prosperity. Thus, the BANK builds invisible strong bridges of a stable developing economy all the way to the whole continents. And has a real opportunity to build a single planned, developing, creative and constructive, and peaceful economy.

The ample capabilities of the Complex and its rich functionality change the very philosophy of banking. By protecting its clients' interests, helping them make strategic management decisions, the bank protects its own financial interests and increases the size of its profits.

Also, Voskhod MPC estimates the real cost of individual companies, calculating their liquidity. Absolutely precisely identifies comparative advantages and business prospects.

Voskhod MPC allows the bank to assess future transactions at the stage of their signing, which reliably insures clients against possible risks. The Bank can assess the risks of clients in their relations with those or other counterparties. The Bank can offer its clients reliable companies for cooperation from among its clients. Thus the international bank creates a club system for its clients.

Voskhod MPC allows for an in-depth comparative analysis. It is capable of comparing the financial performance of several companies or brands, as well as entire sectors of the economy and countries. At the same time, Voskhod MPC is exceptionally productive. For example, by conducting a comparative analysis of several companies simultaneously (the number can be counted in hundreds), the Complex is able to analyze and provide a detailed report within minutes.

This allows bank management to cut staff costs significantly by optimizing their staff. After all, thanks to Complex, there is no need to maintain a huge army of employees engaged in routine work.

Using Voskhod MPC significantly increases the efficiency of the bank and each employee, saving much time and money.

Voskhod MPC is also extremely effective as a tool for internal monitoring and auditing of the bank. In terms of bank security, the Complex makes it possible to identify the mutual financial interests of employees and customers, minimizing the risk of financial losses. Also, Voskhod MPC is able to identify any schemes aimed at the misuse of budgets within the bank.

Constant end-to-end monitoring of all bank structures allows the management and owners to see real information online about each of the bank's units anywhere in the world, as well as about the bank as a whole.

Thanks to Voskhod MPC, the bank gets the opportunity to develop the most effective strategic and tactical models of its own development. Also, the BANK is guaranteed to insure the risks during the analysis of future mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring transactions at the planning stage.

Voskhod MPC solves the global problem of inconsistency of digital systems among themselves. After all, even within the same bank, different departments can often work in different environments and use completely different software. Voskhod MPC is universal. It receives and processes information in any form and from any software. Using this service, the bank can significantly reduce costs on these items. We are talking about optimizing the number of staff and the speed of sending and processing reports at the bank's head office. And given the frequency of reporting and the bank's substantial clumsy bureaucratic machine, the figures can be more than impressive.

Global, transparent, and relevant reporting in one place provides a deeper understanding of the bank's activities and its actual position in the market.

The Complex can also work as a single interactive customer interaction system. It can work both autonomously and integrate into the bank's existing ecosystem.

Voskhod MPC combines tremendous scientific and technical potential with deep global knowledge and experience in economics, finance, financial modeling, valuation, accounting, transactions, investing, etc.

Voskhod MPC allows you to use the bank's knowledge assets and process existing proprietary data, including legacy data sources.

One of the most remarkable features of Voskhod MPC is the ability to process historical financial data and identify all schemes of theft by employees from the bank. To establish the circumstances, schemes of money withdrawal from the bank by an employee or group of employees. The Complex is able to perform such operations in any organization regardless of size and ownership, ranging from public institutions to small private companies. It can also be a service provided by the bank to the state, other banks, and private businesses. Voskhod MPC will unmistakably determine who, when, and how stole money from the state budget or company no matter what schemes thieves try to cover their destructive activities.

Thanks to its advanced security, automation, and analytics algorithms, the Complex is able to ensure the reliable storage of information, its invariability, availability, and integrity.

Voskhod MPC adapts to both global and local economic, financial and legislative peculiarities of the states where an international bank is present.

Voskhod MPC allows the international bank to get high results in the shortest terms by providing its clients with an absolutely new range of services, optimization of working processes, a considerable reduction in time, personnel optimization, and increase in the number and volume of realized projects. The Complex helps to increase the quality of service many times over, which leads to convergence, the establishment of close communication and increases the degree of confidence in the bank.

In this way, the international bank is moving to an innovative model of working with clients, where the primary approach is to help them manage their business.

As you can see, an international bank that deploys Voskhod MPC will definitely be ultra-competitive. The Complex will enable an international bank to take a leading position in the world of finance and become absolutely unattainable for its competitors.

But, unfortunately, as in the case of the state's use of Voskhod MPC, we are almost certain that no international bank will be interested in Complex. You have been able to see yourself that the owner or owners of the bank Voskhod MPC are able to bring considerable profit and open the most serious prospects for business growth. But do not forget about the existence of the management team, those who often steal the owner, providing misleading information and depriving a huge income. They will definitely not be thrilled at the very thought of deploying the Voskhod MPC on its power. After all, Complex would stop theft and stop all schemes to wash money out of the bank. This will significantly increase the owner's income, but will eliminate the possibility of stealing bank managers. And you know how much money is stolen from bank accounts. Starting with pseudo-hacker attacks, which banks do not even report, allegedly in the name of reputation preservation. And when during one night, several tens of millions of US dollars disappear. Finishing schemes, when the accounts disappear without a trace of hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars. Voskhod MPC is able to stop it all once and for all, because it reveals both the schemes themselves, the circle of customers and performers, and the full flow of money.

The Voskhod MPC makes the world of finance absolutely transparent and safe. With its help, money will really be safe.


The potential of Voskhod MPC can be fully developed by the international audit company. Audit companies are well respected in the business world. They are addressed not only for the purpose of inspections to put things in order but more often to provide highly qualified assistance and consultations in the sphere of management and business operations.

Established international practice, opens up wide horizons for an international audit company in case of use of Voskhod MPC. The services of international audit companies are used both by business representatives (major players as well as representatives of medium and small businesses) and states.

Benefits for business.

The Voskhod MPC allows an international audit company to offer the widest range of services to the First Person of the States, international banks, public and private companies, international foundations, including investment funds, and capitals. An audit company with the help of the Complex possibilities is able to help any state or organization to make not only an economic but also a social breakthrough.

The use of Voskhod MPC by an international audit company is a business beyond the competition. In the shortest time will bring it to an inaccessible level in the world of finance and lead to global leadership. Even a small audit company, which will use Voskhod MPC in the management, could become the world's leading company with multi-trillion-dollar revenue.

Voskhod MPC is capable of achieving a revolutionary breakthrough in international auditing thanks to its rich functionality and a completely new range of services, which the international audit company will provide to its clients.

At the state level it is consulting the the First Person of the States on the issues:

- financial and economic security;

- corruption combating;

- stabilization and development of the economy;

- creation of effective anti-crisis models;

- the creation of highly accurate forecasts of the development of the economy, individual industries or state-owned companies;

- fundamental analysis of macro- and microeconomic indicators of all legal entities and industries;

- comparative analysis of economic performance of individual companies, industries, states.

In the case of a relevant request from the Top Official, the international consulting company will also be able to provide services of monitoring all subjects of the economy and the financial system of the state. This will contribute to the recovery, stabilization and significant growth of the economy, as well as its effective planning. It will give a very fast and significant growth to client-states, stabilization and prosperity to their economies, citizens, state, public and private companies. This, in turn, will significantly raise and strengthen the credibility of the international audit company itself.

International consulting company with the help of Voskhod MPC will be able not only to conduct high quality audit in the shortest possible time, build very accurate short, medium and long term forecasts, but also monitor the activities of companies and their transactions with partners, and coordinate, acting as an indispensable link, in the economy and finance between the states, states and business, companies to each other. This will contribute to the establishment of strong economic connections, partnership arrangements on mutually beneficial terms for all parties.

Clients of the international consulting company will get protection of their capitals, valuation and insurance of risks, stability and predictability of their own business development. International consulting company with the help of Voskhod MPC will be able to support operations on development of client companies (mergers, acquisitions, restructuring), evaluating and minimizing any risks. Also it will be possible to carry out monitoring support of transactions of any level from the beginning to their completion, protecting clients from risks at each stage.

It is also possible to use the Voskhod MPC as a unified interactive system of on-line communication with clients. This will increase the speed of processing client requests and providing results in matters of advanced analytics, evaluation, financial and comparative analysis of client companies, specific sectors and economies of states. It will significantly optimize employee headcount. And it will also significantly contribute to the growth of revenues and margins of the audit company.


In addition to the above, the use of the Voskhod MPC, provides an international audit company the following advantages:

- Significant reduction of routine tasks;

- Effective project status reports, visual management of project status and progress results (engagement);

- Reduction of the amount of inspections by the management thanks to the unique functionality of the COMPLEX;

- Exclusion of corruption component due to internal audit and accounting system, which excludes the possibility of entering intentionally false data;

- Elimination of problems with data entry by specialists due to automation and fast-fail strategy.

By using the Complex, the international auditing company provides clients with the following advantages:

- Interactive online communication with the audit team;

- The possibility of discussing strategic business ideas with the audit company's experts beyond the current project;

- Dynamic interactive and up-to-date reporting;

- Scenario and sensitivity analysis;

- Maximum accuracy in predicting and providing key performance indicators to determine leverage and increase impact on the net profit;

- Convenient display of the resulting reports in graphs, tables and charts.

The Complex contributes to the transition of an international audit company from a "consulting" client model to a model of "operational management" while providing new opportunities for internal and external clients.

Voskhod MPC is able to provide growth and development opportunities, including commercial companies with a turnover from 100`000`000 USD.


For the Transnational Corporation, the Complex, first and foremost, is capable of serving as an effective tool for internal monitoring and auditing. The use of the Voskhod MPC provides the Transnational Corporation with the following advantages:

- Building a unified strategy and tactics for the corporation's development;

- The ability to track online the state of the corporation as a whole, as well as each enterprise and its subdivisions;

- efficient redistribution and use of the corporation's budgets and funds;

- identification of unreliable employees or their group, thus eliminating any schemes for withdrawal of funds that are not coordinated with the owner of the corporation.

Thanks to Voskhod MPC, the corporation is able to create the most effective strategic development models, make balanced management decisions, build unprecedentedly accurate short-, medium- and long-term forecasts of its own development, and insure the risks of future mergers, acquisitions or restructurings at the planning stage.

The Complex can work both independently and integrate into the existing ecosystem of the corporation.

Voskhod MPC combines deep global knowledge and expertise in economics, finance, financial modeling, valuation, accounting, transactions, investing, etc.

The Complex uses both external data sources and allows the use of corporate knowledge assets and the processing of existing proprietary data, including outdated data sources. Through its advanced security algorithms, automation, and analytics, the Complex is able to ensure the reliable storage of information, its permanence, availability, and integrity.

With the help of Voskhod MPC, the Transnational Corporation is able to optimize and automate corporate financial services, perform global valuation and simulate various economic scenarios.

Voskhod MPC makes it possible to easily adapt to both global and local economic, financial and legislative peculiarities of the states where the Transnational Corporation is present.

The Complex allows the owners and management of a corporation to predict growth of future cash flows, minimize risks and negate the occurrence of critical situations by giving advance notice of possible threats.

Voskhod MPC helps corporate employees to be as efficient as possible, significantly reducing time spent on routine and repetitive tasks, including preparation and processing of reports.

Voskhod MPC allows the Transnational Corporation to:

1. Make efficient use of both debt and equity capital;

2. Maximize the effectiveness of mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings of businesses or assets;

3. Grow the business organically;

4. Sell or dispose of the assets of your business units for maximum benefit;

5. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting for the years ahead with unprecedented accuracy, minimizing the risk of financial loss;

6. Allocate investment capital efficiently;

7. Conduct internal audits and honest business evaluations;

8. Implement effective management and financial accounting.


Voskhod MPC has a built-in system of internal security and control, which eliminates the possibility of hacking, information leakage or entering false data by employees of the corporation. It allows continuous internal auditing of absolutely all actions performed by the corporation's employees allowed to manage or use the Complex. This helps to identify untrustworthy and ineffective employees promptly. This allows the corporation's management to carry out meaningful optimization of human and technical resources. By retaining efficient and loyal employees, management can provide them the opportunity for growth, development and new perspectives. This facilitates a significant increase in the motivation and effectiveness of the corporation's employees.

Investment attractiveness

In this way, the Voskhod MPC helps to increase the corporation's competitive ability, its resilience to global and local economic crises, optimize budgets, as well as effectively use its own technical and human resources.

Therefore, the use of the Complex brings the corporation to a new level of development, expands its horizons many times over.

Using the Voskhod MPC, the corporation becomes highly attractive for investors and inaccessible for competitors.

Risk analysis

And again we are forced to state the inexorable fact: even in private business in the consumer format of society, the probability of implementation of the Voskhod MPC is extremely low, because the management of the corporation is hardly likely to allow the owner to purchase the Complex. And if it does happen, they will sabotage its implementation in every possible way, because as we have already mentioned above, a person tends to be tempted, and money is one of the main temptations.


Despite the total domination in peoples' and society's consciousness of patterns of consumerism with its selfish and self-centered attitudes, there are still many people who try to defend the rights, freedoms and interests of the oppressed, the disadvantaged, those people who are unable to defend themselves on their own, or who are in dire situations. These altruistic and humanistic people create all kinds of nongovernmental foundations, non-profit and charitable organizations.

The main efforts of such foundations, usually, focus on providing humanitarian assistance in the field of education, culture, medicine, economy, protection of rights of the vulnerable strata of society, advocacy of democratic values all over the world.

Among such organizations a special part in the life of consumer society play foundations which unite owners of big international business, maecenases, philanthropists and benefactors. These are the most active organizations operating globally and internationally. One of the priorities of their activity is assisting young democracies in managing, economics, finance, legislation, contributing to the formation of civil society. To the people of such states international non-governmental foundations provide humanitarian assistance, help to reform medicine, law enforcement, judicial, legislative systems, create special educational programs, provide grant support to distinguished young people, innovators, young scientists and so on.

Foundations, like no other, are faced with the unsightly realities of consumer society and human vices in their activities. Quite often the funds allocated to the development of one or another young democratic state disappear into the pockets of unscrupulous local officials and functionaries. Humanitarian assistance does not reach people, but is simply embezzled. All this is due to the peculiarities of the microclimate inside such states.

Voskhod MPC is able to provide invaluable assistance to a major non-governmental foundation that is engaged in the implementation of global projects at the international level, in the implementation of its statutory activities.

When the foundation's management decides to provide assistance to a particular state or government, it first starts collecting information about the real situation in all spheres of state life, including management, finance, economy, national economy, banking and humanitarian spheres. Comprehensive independent studies of the state are conducted at all levels. At this stage, foundations work closely with local authorities and request from them the relevant reports. And here the management of the foundation is often encountered with the fact that they are provided with deliberately false or distorted information. At the same time, local officials overstate the amount of necessary financial assistance, hiding real information about the situation in the state.

Deployment of Voskhod MPC in a young democracy, which the international foundation decided to help, solves the issues of corruption, embezzlement of the allocated financial aid and contributes to the targeted use of budgets in a single moment and in the most effective way. The management of the foundation with the help of the Complex will get actual information about the condition of the state from the primary sources. Thus, the International Foundation has the ability to evaluate the risks, a deep comparative analysis of the entire state economy, its financial and banking systems. This will help the management of the international foundation to make balanced decisions at all stages of strategic planning and implementation of the decisions made.

The Voskhod MPC will help the international nongovernmental foundation to create the most favorable conditions possible within the state to eliminate corruption, embezzlement, and plundering of philanthropic and humanitarian aid. The Complex will be able to help in the recovery and strengthening of the national economy of the young democracy. It will help create a healthy microclimate in the financial and banking spheres. It will promote the growth of the national economy, business development, and strengthening of the social sphere of the state.

Thanks to the possibilities of the Complex, an international non-governmental foundation will save significant amounts of its own money just by performing end-to-end control and monitoring of the financial system of the state in which it will be deployed, optimizing its own human and financial resources and using them appropriately with maximum efficiency. A large international foundation with the help of the Voskhod MPC will be able to realize its altruistic goals as effectively as possible.

As you see, the Voskhod MPC can perfectly cope with the assistance in the fulfillment of statutory goals and objectives of an international non-governmental foundation, which is engaged in the implementation of humanitarian projects aimed at the development of civil society.


When the XP NRG team was engaged in the development of the Voskhod MPC, the world was struggling hard enough with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Observing the unpreparedness of humanity for this scale of challenges, the lack of hospital wards and beds, the lack of medicines. After analyzing the situation, we came to the conclusion that the main cause of most of the problems during the pandemic was the lack of competent management, management mistakes of the officials, and sometimes their elementary incompetence in the field of management. That is why we decided to incorporate into the Complex the functionality that helps to solve the humanitarian problems that humanity has to face most often.

Efficiency under emergency conditions. Voskhod MPC is effective in helping humanity, or an individual state, in case of an emergency occurring in nature, technosphere, regardless of its scale.

It can be a dam break, destroying one or more settlements on its way, consequences of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruption, landslide, forest fires, hurricane, or any other natural disaster. The Complex will promptly make all necessary calculations and help form the required number of rescue teams, rescue equipment, equipment required for the evacuation of the population, correctly calculate the required number of places to accommodate the victims of the disaster. It will also perform a calculation of funds to be allocated for the rescue operation, elimination of the consequences of the disaster, accommodation and support of the victims, and reconstruction works.

Emergency care under the epidemiologic situations. In the field of health care, in case of a new pandemic, Voskhod MPC will help to promptly calculate the required number of beds, it will help to redistribute the necessary amount of medicines and medical equipment between medical institutions, indicating the necessary amount for each hospital.. The same applies to medical personnel. The Complex is able to optimize and correctly distribute doctors and personnel to hospitals, clinics, and ambulance stations depending on the severity of the pandemic situation/threat in one or another region.

Solution to the problem of mass migration of the population. There is another global problem, which in recent decades is becoming more and more acute every year. And unfortunately, at the moment not a single country or international organization has demonstrated a single solution, or even the desire to solve it. We are talking about the problem of the massive migration of the population.

The problem is global and has different causes: wars, devastation, famine, global climate change on the planet. But its essence remains the same in all cases: masses of people unwillingly have to leave their homes, their homeland, and look for a place to survive. Fleeing from persecuting threats, people find themselves in foreign cities and countries, sometimes on other continents. They encounter representatives of another culture, other religious views, other attitudes toward certain aspects of morality and ethics. This shocks many people, both refugees and locals.

We all remember well the crisis of mass migration of people from Asia and Africa to the EU, which was triggered by the hostilities in North Africa and Western Asia. Tens of millions of people were forced to escape the horrors of war and streamed into the calm and prosperous Europe. But despite the outwardly warm welcome of some EU countries, the reality is that people did not receive any real help. And the countries that accepted the refugees became hostages of millions of tired, desperate strangers. How many years have passed since then, but the problem is still as urgent for European countries as it was then. And we must understand that mass migrants, left unattended, are a social time bomb, capable of exploding at any moment and for any reason.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to change the very approach to people who find themselves in a difficult situation in a foreign country unwillingly. It is essential to stop treating people as ballast. It is necessary to change the attitude towards refugees and consider the situation from the perspective of profit, which these people can bring to the state, which has accepted them. And Voskhod MPC is able to help with this.

What are millions of migrants on state territory? These are additional working hands, these are new law-abiding citizens, these are new taxpayers. What is necessary to do? All we need to do is give people hope for tomorrow, give them the assistance they need, and reassure them. After all, nothing scares a person as much as the unknown. These fears exhaust a human being and lead to extreme states of despair, aggression, or complete apathy. It is necessary to remember that human beings do low things out of fear and out of despair. Once you have accepted people, reassured them, and explained to them the rules of conduct in the country that has accepted them, you can move on to the next stage.

The next step is testing. It is necessary to collect as much data as possible about each immigrant. Find out what skills, knowledge, and experience they have. This data is necessary for the third stage.

With the completeness of information about the state economy, each individual industry and company, Voskhod MPC will help intelligently plan the redeployment of new workers by branch of the economy, region and territory of the country.

At the third stage migrants are allocated into professions based on the needs of the state, interests, aptitudes and predispositions of each person. Each refugee trains the language, culture, legislation of the state where he or she arrived, as well as learns a new profession.

In this way, people understand that the state takes care of them, they are not abandoned, they are taken care of, they are educated, accommodated, and provided with a job. They become full citizens and members of their new homeland. And the state, which will implement such a program using Voskhod MPC, will receive a huge income. And after receiving the first positive results (it is only a matter of a few years), the state will not only invite migrants and refugees from neighboring countries, but will begin to stimulate their inflow, creating more and more favorable conditions for each person and his family.

We considered the issue from this angle and we believe that the proposed model can be implemented by concluding a migration agreement between a state and a person who enters its territory. A person who refuses to sign the contract does not get the right to stay in that state. Such a treaty will include mutual obligations and guarantees. The state undertakes obligations to protect the person, to take care of him/her. This includes medical care, education, accommodation and employment. A person who signs a migration agreement assumes responsibility to comply with all laws, rules and norms of behavior accepted in this state, as well as the obligation to study diligently and work sincerely. These are obligatory conditions. For the state spends money on him. This money is the money of the citizens, the taxpayers. And he must work it off, benefiting the state and society. Who does not fulfill the stipulated conditions of the agreement, can terminate it and leave the country. Migrants should not be a burden, they should not be a threat to a peaceful society. Everyone should live in peace, harmony, and benefit society.


The Voskhod Multipurpose Complex is built using modern, robust and powerful tools in the Python ecosystem,
with asynchronous and event-driven nature.

Based on a microservice architecture, where each component has its own responsibility,
interact with each other, and external resources.

Business Logic APIs

Сoге APls providing all the business-logic functionality for project management, data handling and manipulation, working with external resources, calculations and post-calculation checks, report generation, etc.

Infrastructure Components

Infrastructure components providing robust and reliable operation of the entire complex, data privacy and storage, resource heavy operations processing and event-driven nature of а system.


Intuitive and user-friendly user flow

Create and define project goals, provide inputs with financial data and system will generate dashboards with calculated results.

Flexibility and customization

Ability to planning, studying and discovery of new Industries and continuous development of the complex. It’s not a big monolete brick, it’s like a constructor.


No dependencies on external providers

You own your data. Voskhod due to its internal architecture allows to totally run in private mode with maximum efficiency. No need to rely on cloud services providers. Spin up а server and you are ready to go.

Client-side implementation

No specific UI implementation. It is up to you what to use as а frontend framework, thus no need to rewrite and remove it to be sure that it is secure, and it has proper authorization and authentication rules, as well as corporate standards.


Now you have a general picture of the functionality and operating principles of the Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex and you can see how complicated it is. And now we want to ask you: will any of the existing IT-companies undertake the development at its expense of such a highly complicated Complex, realizing that in the end no one will be interested in buying it? For a consumer society, this is nonsense. And taking into account that even the largest and most famous IT-company would need huge time and human resources to develop such a Complex, such an idea loses any sense.

And the most complicated and valuable aspect of the Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex is the idea expressed in the terms of reference. Without the terms of reference, it is simply impossible to create anything like that. It is necessary to involve more than a hundred high-class specialists from different fields of knowledge, science and technology in order to develop such documentation. These are mathematicians, specialists in digital technology (Data Scientist), business analysts, financiers, bankers, auditors, specialists in IT-security, specialists in financial, banking and state security. The list is far from exhaustive. In addition, when the terms of reference is ready, it does not mean that the work of all these professionals in the project is complete. This is just where it really begins. Because now everything written on paper must be converted into code. This means that all of the above specialists must be in constant contact with the programming team.

The implementation of the technical part of the project will require a team of more than 200 full-stack IT specialists.

The time required to implement such a project, assuming that the terms of reference are already in place, will be at least 5 years.

Now it is quite easy to calculate the cost of this project, which will amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. This information is for those who would like to copy our work by "stealing the idea" of the Complex.

In this presentation we showed only a small part of the real capabilities of the Voskhod Multi-Purpose Complex.

We are ready to pass the Voskhod MPC to the state whose First Person is ready to implement the Creative Society in their country. This is why we created this Complex.

Unfortunately, due to the complicated geopolitical situation, which also affected the XP NRG team, the presentation was shortened. In case of serious interest in Voskhod MPC, from the interested parties, we can provide more detailed information and answer all questions.